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Base layers are particularly great during winter when you are active outdoors because they will effectively manage moisture whilst regulating body temperature next to your skin, so you stay comfortable and warm without overheating. However, synthetic base layers can build up bacteria over time from use, which can make them start to smell. Regular household washing detergents mask this with perfume, rather than removing it and impair their ability to wick sweat, which means you end up feeling clammy and uncomfortable and you’ll notice they start to smell again quite quickly!

Nikwax BaseWash® efficiently cleans away all bacteria and body oils from synthetic base layers, whilst conditioning to freshen and prevent odour build-up. The safe, water-based formula revives the wicking properties of base layers, so your garments will remain breathable and will dry faster, helping to regulate your body temperature. You can enjoy your winter outdoor activities whilst feeling, and smelling, great!

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