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Research and Development

Research at the Nikwax Lab

Enjoying any leisure or sport activity in wet weather relies on the capability of the wearer's gear and also the wearer to respond in today's changing weather conditions. That's why we focus on testing our formulations in the laboratory and also in extreme and remote environments. By advancing our knowledge of fabric capabilities and developing our solutions to make the best use of new technology, the entire wet weather experience is no longer a threat.

Our commitment to development

At Nikwax Waterproofing we are committed to addressing the challenges of sustainable development and operating as a responsible company. We strive towards sustainability by integrating and balancing our economic, environmental and social responsibilities within all our activities. Recent new product developments include Softshell proof, UV Proof, Spray-on applications for Fabric and Leather and Nubuck and Suede proofers, plus new product formulations to enhance performance in hard water areas.

This is supported by a strategy framework and a series of key sustainable development goals, which set direction and clear targets for our company. Nikwax reinvests 19% of its Turnover in Product Research and Development.