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Starting with a different set of values and priorities, we have created a range of products that  are inspired by Nikwax's heritage

What's all this talk about a two-stage treatment?

The Nikwax two-stage treatment is the cleaning and re-proofing sequence which will restore the original performance of manufacturer’s clothing, footwear or equipment. You can tell which of our products are for cleaning and which are for waterproofing by the colour of our bottle caps - ‘green for clean’ and ‘purple for proof’.

Green for Clean

Whether it's clothing, footwear or equipment, the first stage of the Nikwax process must always be to clean.

This removes contaminants, dirt and everyday grime that masks the water-repellent coatings on waterproof items. All water repellent finishes work at their best if the garments are kept clean.

Our spray-on and wash-in cleaners for clothing and equipment will safely remove any detergent residues ingrained in the fabric that would encourage wetting-out, ie. where water isn’t repelled from the fabric but absorbed into the fibres.

Our sponge-on cleaner for footwear effectively releases stains and grime from all types of footwear (fashion, leisure or sport) and will revitalise the appearance of soiled uppers, without stripping out the existing water-repellency. Ground in dirt rubs against the fibres of the leather / fabric and will eventually weaken them. Regular cleaning prevents damage.

You should always use our ‘green for clean’ products before applying the appropriate Nikwax ‘purple for proofer’ products.

Purple for Proofing

Whether it's clothing, footwear or equipment, the second stage of the process must always be to waterproof.

Using any one of our waterproofing products will ensure a durable, long-lasting effect against rain, keeping you, your feet or your equipment dry in wet weather.

Using Nikwax will maintain the breathable performance of gear, preventing moisture build-up on the inside of gear allowing it to be pushed from the inside out, keeping your body at the right temperature. At the same time Nikwax repels rain from the outer surface, keeping you dry from both directions.

Our sponge-on and spray-on waterproofers for footwear can be used on fashion, leisure or sport boots and shoes and will add water-repellency to all types of leather and textiles.

Once you waterproof an item with a Nikwax proofer, you should always maintain its waterproofing performance by cleaning regularly with an appropriate Nikwax cleaning solution (for clothing and footwear).