Wereldleider in veilig, high performance impregneren, reinigen en verzorgen van outdooruitrusting


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Nikwax Directional Textiles

Directional Fabrics keep you more comfortable and safer because they move both sweat and liquid water to where your body needs it to be.

Directionality = Efficient water movement = Comfort and Safety

Combine Directional base layers and fleeces with Directional waterproofs and you get a clothing system which lets you control water and air movement to achieve the optimum body temperature whatever the weather and whatever your activity.


Nikwax Travel Towel

For kids' sports bags, the girlfriend's gym sessions, dad's round of golf or mum's swim with the girls, the Nikwax Towel really offers something for everyone.

The Nikwax Travel Towel is constructed from 'Parameta S' fabric. Parameta S is an asymmetrical wicking fabric that absorbs water on the fleecy side and DIRECTS it to the smooth face, allowing rapid drying. Normal towels hide water in the centre of the fabric and therefore dry much more slowly.

Parameta S allows you to choose which face of the fabric you want next to you. This is why Páramo, Nikwax's sister company, uses Parameta S in their versatile range of reversible shirts.


Páramo Directional Clothing Systems

If you need to keep dry and comfortable in the outdoors, you'll appreciate finding out more about Páramo waterproof jackets, waterproof trousers, reversible shirts, windproofs, fleeces and base layers.

Intelligent functional designs, born in the mountains to enhance performance, whatever your outdoor activity or adventure - whether hill or fell walking, hiking, rambling, backpacking, mountaineering, climbing, scrambling, travel, exploration, trekking, running, biking, snow sports or Search & Rescue. Páramo – leaders in comfort and performance